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    Productions shot at Silvercup Studios

    Feature Film (11)
    Knight and Day2010James MangoldIMDB Database page about Knight and Day
    Pickups and reshoots were shot in May 2010 at Silvercup, New York.
    Salt2010Phillip NoyceIMDB Database page about Salt
    Gangs of New York2002Martin ScorseseIMDB Database page about Gangs of New York
    The Godfather: Part III1990Francis Ford CoppolaIMDB Database page about The Godfather: Part III
    Black Rain1989Ridley ScottIMDB Database page about Black Rain
    Do The Right Thing1989Spike LeeIMDB Database page about Do The Right Thing
    When Harry Met Sally1989Rob ReinerIMDB Database page about When Harry Met Sally
    Highlander1986Russell MulcahyIMDB Database page about Highlander
    The climactic fight scene was shot on the rooftop of the Silvercup Studios building. A third-scale reproduction was built and destroyed at a warehouse in Greenwich, London.
    The Purple Rose of Cairo1985Woody AllenIMDB Database page about The Purple Rose of Cairo
    Broadway Danny Rose1984Woody AllenIMDB Database page about Broadway Danny Rose
    Romancing The Stone1984Robert ZemeckisIMDB Database page about Romancing The Stone

    TV Series (1)
    30 Rock2006 - Tina FeyIMDB Database page about 30 Rock

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